Help & Troubleshooting

If you are having problems with your High Speed Internet Service, some simple, often overlooked, steps may be taken to resolve the issue.

  1. Is your computer connected to the Ethernet cable properly or is the wireless turned on?
  2. Is the router connected properly? Are the lights on indicating there is an established connection?
  3. Sometimes, the router needs to be reset every so often. Try unplugging the router, wait 15 seconds, and plugging it back in. Wait few seconds, and check to see if it works.

If these steps didn't work, try these additional steps from Microsoft

Consider printing this page and the linked page before there is a problem so you can easily refer to these steps.

If all else fails, contact us and we'll fix the problem as soon as we can.


Data Usage Tool

If you are getting a message that no usage was found, it is likely you are using a device that connects to multiple types of networks (a smartphone, for example). This is due to your device being assigned a different IP address when you are connected to a mobile network.

To get around this issue, make sure you are connected with Wi-Fi to your home network. Then you can do one of the following:

If you are currently on the Data Usage Tool, refresh the page. You should now see your current data usage.